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Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
firefly wheelchair new
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility
firefly wheelchair control panel
firefly wheelchair quick release
firefly wheelchair locking headset
firefly wheelchair dual disc brakes and tire
firefly wheelchair attachment dual kickstands

Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 NEW 2020 Model - Rio Mobility

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Installation Process:

Rio Mobility Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle Attachment 2.5 (New 2020 Model)

The above video explains the installation process. When you install the device for the first time, it should take 30 minutes to 1 hour, after which attachment can be done in 5 minutes or less. Please note the video is from the Firefly wheelchair version 2.0 and serves as an explanation.

Description & Useful information

The Rio Mobility Firefly Wheelchair handcycle 2.5 will transform your wheelchair into a high-performance machine.  

It is designed to fit most folding/ rigid, adult, and pediatric chairs and with the added boost of an electric motor. It is lightweight and fully based on electric power.  

The new Firefly wheelchair 2.5 comes in two colors, Chrome Red and Metallic Dark Grey.  You can also customize the tires for "Road Tire" or "Off-Road Tire". This last one will give you better performance whenever you are heading into non pavement surfaces such as parks, hills, etc.

All of the controls that you need are within easy reach and you can choose from five power levels. This handcycle’s steering turns a full 90 degrees, allowing you to turn in place when navigating tight spaces indoors like cafes, stores, and similar places.

The firefly wheelchair attachment also allows people who would like to explore outdoors in a different way. As you can see in the firefly wheelchair video, the user can take the device into hills, non-pavement terrains without any issue.

The firefly wheelchair will allow you to go up to 15 miles per charge, with a speed of 12 mph which is very generous. Not to mention how portable it can be and easy to fit in any trunk.

So far our customers have loved this handcycle attachment, as you can see in the firefly wheelchair reviews, the majority are great.

If you want to improve your mobility, there’s no better than the Rio Mobility Firefly Wheelchair attachment!


    • The Firefly TRANSFORMS your wheelchair into a power scooter! 
    • The Firefly attaches to most wheelchairs. 
    • There is an installation process that typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour, you can DIY by checking out our video here.
    • After the initial installation process is completed, the device latches on and off your wheelchair in seconds.
    • Separate color-coded forward and reverse throttles w/ silicone anti-slip grip.
    • 350 watts, 5-speed modes can take you up to 12 miles per hour (it GOES!), lower speeds allow you to maneuver around buildings and stores with ease.
    • A removable lightweight lithium-ion battery gives you >15 miles range.
    • Quick-release center frame comes apart easily without tools for transportation in a car, plane, or for storage.
    • Dual rolling kickstands for easier parking and storage.
    • Full-color display screen with haptic-touch feedback buttons.
    • Regain your freedom and mobility today, take it over grass and hills. Take control of your life again! With Firefly wheelchair attachment, you can go anywhere!
    • Check out the description below for detailed specifications.


  • Top speed is 12 mph / 19 kph
  • Speed limiter included in the Color Display


  • Chrome red
  • Metallic dark grey


  • Battery: lithium-ion, Panasonic GA cells, 36 volt * 7 amp hours = 252-watt hours
  • Battery Range: >15 miles/24 km
  • New compact charger: 36V, 2A output (UL, AUS & CE)
  • New upgraded 3 pin charging port
  • Charging Time: ~3 hours if the battery is fully discharged
  • The battery has a USB-A charging port and is essentially mobile device power bank
  • Motor: 350W, 36V geared, brushless hub motor w/ reinforced hybrid nylon/ steel gears
  • Motor wire: exits from the axle at the frame instead of the axle end to reduce wire damage
  • Motor rim: integrated wide rim to match the wide tire profile for maximum traction!


  • Dual 140mm rotor disc brakes  
  • Brake lever: one locking lever, one with integrated bell
  • Mirrored dual-pull brake calipers for easy adjustments and even pad wear - an industry first!
  • Disc brake pads with cooling fins


  • Frame custom extruded shape Aluminum 6061-T6
  • The custom shape reduces riding vibration while increasing strength
  • Matching stem profile with frame shim insert (allows for smooth handlebar height adjustment)
  • Tire: oversize 12.5″ X 3.0″ (75-203)
  • Split fender mudguard: matches the wide tire profile and is very durable
  • Dual -10 lux LED Light System (one light to see the road, one light to be seen by oncoming traffic)
  • Locking headset for easier transfers and easy upright storage
  • All threaded quick release connectors ensure your components stay connected during transport
  • Ergonomic handlebar grips with bar-end to make sure your hands stay in place!
As part of the installation process, you will attach our mounting clamps onto your wheelchair. Our wheelchair attachments fit most wheelchairs.

However, a few wheelchairs will not fit our clamps. Use this guide to determine if our devices are right for you. There are five points that must be considered in order to determine whether your wheelchair is compatible with our wheelchair attachments:

1.  Seat width. Must be between 14 to 22 in -or- 35.5 to 55.8 cm (measured end-to-end on the width of your seat cushion).

2.  Tube diameters. Currently, supported tubing diameters are:

7/8 in -or- 22.2 mm
1 in -or- 25.4 mm  
1.125 in -or- 28.6 mm 1.2 in -or- 30.5 mm 1.25 in -or- 31.8 mm

3. Tube clearance. To attach the clamps, 1.25 in -or- 32 mm clearance is required. Diagrams with examples of tube clearances are given in the images below.
4.  Tube angle. Ideally, the tubes should be vertical or close to vertical. However, installation is possible with tubes that taper inwards with slight angles, the larger the taper angle the more challenging it is to use our “Quick Release Coupler” attachment. See the diagrams on the following page where illustrations of wheelchair designs with tapering tube angles are shown.

5.  Footrests on folding chairs. Removable footrests can pose challenges for our clamp installation, so please consult Page 3 where examples of wheelchair designs with removable footrests are given. Never mount our clamps directly onto removable footrests as they were not designed to take such riding forces.
firefly wheelchair attachment guide
rio mobility firefly fit guide
Firefly wheelchair fitting guide
firefly wheelchair 2.5
Firefly wheelchair correct position
firefly wheelchair incorrect
Rio Mobility Firefly wheelchair 2.5

For specific brands and models here is a complete list:

  • Karman: LT-770Q, LT-800TS-2501, S-Ergo ATX, S-Ergo 105, S-Ergo 106, LT-980, LT-990, XO-101
  • TiLite: 2GX, Aero R, Aero X, Aero Z, Aero T, BB, Tr / TRC, TX, X / XC, YG, YR, ZR, ZRa
  • Invacare Wheelchairs: A4, A4 Titanium Adjustable, ProSpin X4, Top End Crossfire All Terrain
  • Top End Wheelchairs: Top End Crossfire T6, Top End Crossfire T6A, Top End Crossfire Titanium, Top End Transformer, Xtra
  • Quickie Wheelchairs: Quickie 2, Quickie 2 Lite, Quickie 2HP, Quickie GP - SA, Quickie GP/GPV, Quickie GPS, Quickie GPS Titanium, Quickie GPV Competition, Quickie GT, Quickie GTi, Quickie GTX-FF, Quickie XTR, Quickie Triumph, Quickie TNT, Quickie Titanium, Quickie ST/D
  • Nissin: Actifold, Verve, Fusion
  • Kuschall: Air Lite Pro, Air Lite Pro II (K-Junior), Champion, Fusion, K Junior, R33, Ultra-Light
  • Colours: Avenger, Challenger, Chump, Eclipse, Hammer, Krypto, Little Dipper, Razorblade, Spazz, Spazz G, Swoosh, Tremor, Zephy
  • Quantum: Lifestream XF
  • Ki Mobility:Catalyst 4, Catalyst 4C, Catalyst 5, Catalyst 5ti, Catalyst 5vx

 Click Here To Download Fitting Guide


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