At Wheelchair Network we receive daily calls requesting recommendations for the best electric wheelchairs, and in a nutshell, our answer is, what is the purpose of the user? Is it an electric wheelchair just to be in your house? Or is it an electric wheelchair to go around non-pavement surfaces, or is it an electric wheelchair to travel? Or for a specific condition of the user? With this information, we are able to provide our clients with valuable information and guide them through the process of acquiring the best electric wheelchair to enhance their mobility. Below you will find our recommendations on the best electric wheelchair depending on each situation. 

Daily Use: Merits Gemini Electric Wheelchair

The Merits Gemini electric wheelchair has many features that make it our favorite for daily use. This electric wheelchair has the capability of adding an elevating seat, which is useful to reach higher surfaces. Also, the seat rotates in angles of 90 degrees, allowing the user to easily position itself without the need of moving the whole electric wheelchair. Another feature we like is, that the armrests move up, allowing the user to transition to its bed or another seat with ease. Finally, with a clearance of about 4”, this electric wheelchair can be maneuvered in surfaces that are not 100% flat. 

Check the video below to see the Merits Gemini Electric Wheelchair in action!

Travel: Karman Tranzit Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Karman Tranzit Folding electric wheelchair is our favorite for the user who wants portability. This electric wheelchair only weighs 46 pounds with the battery and it also folds to transport it easily wherever you go. The Karman Tranzit electric wheelchair is made by one of the top manufacturers in the USA which is Karman. This can provide you peace of mind that you have a great warranty and manufacturer behind your purchase. Finally, one of the things that we love about this electric wheelchair is that you can customize the joystick (control panel) location to the left or right hand, allowing anybody to use the electric wheelchair without any limitation.

Karman Tranzit Go Electric wheelchairKarman Tranzit Go Electric wheelchair


Long Range: Merits Atlantic Electric Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair has a stunning range of about 32 miles per charge! It also has the feature of adding elevating leg rest if the user needs it. The Merits Atlantic electric wheelchair has also an amazing weight capacity of about 600 pounds and the user also has the possibility of adding Optional Accessories such as Oxygen tank holder, Cane & Crutch holder, Walker holder, Foldable rear basket and canopy, Height adjustable arms, and swing away joystick. This electric wheelchair is without a doubt one of our favorites.

 Check out the video below to see the Merits Atlantic Electric Wheelchair in action!

Budget: Shoprider Jimmie or Shoprider Streamer Sport.

If you are on a budget then you can’t go wrong with these two electric wheelchairs. Shoprider has been around for a while now and their electric wheelchairs are one of the bests in the market. With either of these electric wheelchairs, you are getting a chair that is transportable because it will disassemble, and also extreme comfort since their seats are extremely well made. They also have a 10-mile range which would be more than enough for daily use.

To finalize, we recommend always to ask if you have questions on what would be the best electric wheelchair for your specific needs. Also, if you have a specific condition, we recommend asking your doctor or physician on the specific model of the electric wheelchair that they recommend. If you have questions about our electric wheelchairs, please contact us at so we can help you.

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